Located in the heart of the bustling Ossington strip, the Ghost Chicken outpost is a hub for all things scary good. We like to keep things simple, no fuss, just quality local ingredients and really good fried chicken sandwiches. Maybe you have a hankering for a quick but tasty meal, or maybe you need something delicious for your picnic hang at Trinity Bellwoods – stop by, say hi and let us feed you!


John Carlo Zabala, Executive Chef

Michael Swirla, General Manager

From their early beginnings at working in some of Mississauga’s most contemporary eateries, to Executive Chef and General Manager respectively, JC Zabala and Michael Swirla are no strangers to good food. As former head chef of Mississauga gem Kage, wunderkind JC is the mastermind behind each and every tasty delight that Ghost Chicken has to offer and with a decade’s worth of experience with some of the biggest and greatest restaurant groups in the biz, Michael oversees all of Ghost Chicken operations.

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